Boston Cannabis Week launched in September 2019 as Boston's first week of events geared toward cannabis professionals, consumers and community partners. Since it's inception, BCW has expanded to a full program of virtual and in person events in addition to content development and marketing services offered throughout the year for brands within the cannabis industry. BCW programming is comprised of education, networking, health & wellness, music, art, cuisine, fashion and comedy. In 2021, Boston Cannabis Week will be a hybrid model of virtual and in-person events taking place from September 20th-26th, we are committed to our policy of free education and networking for the community. 

BCW is presented in partnership with Xperience Creative and Boston Hemp Company and is a collaborative effort including community leaders throughout the cannabis community. 


The mission of Boston Cannabis Week is to normalize the idea of cannabis in our communities and provide platforms for open dialogue, communication, education and representation. Our focus is to connect educators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, community representatives, media, retailers and consumers in a unique, engaging, and professional setting. Our expertise is creating virtual & in person experiences celebrating cannabis culture, community, academia and lifestyle.  


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