Boston Cannabis Week launched in September 2019 as New England's first week of events geared toward cannabis professionals, consumers and innovators. With a focus on education, networking, health & wellness, art & music, networking, fashion, cuisine and sports, we aim to create programming that is inclusive and comprehensive. 


In 2022, Boston Cannabis Week will return September 19th-25th, providing education and networking for the community, both in-person and virtually. The complete week includes events in music, art, sports, cuisine, fashion, and health & wellness.

BCW's creative agency, BCW Beyond works with clients throughout the U.S. in creative design, branding, marketing, website development, social media marketing, media buying, packaging, signage and staff training for brands within or ancillary to the cannabis industry.

BCW is made possible by the supportive community partners and clients who have believed in BCW's mission and abilities since its inception. 

brand mission

The mission of Boston Cannabis Week is to normalize the idea of cannabis in our communities and provide platforms for open dialogue, communication, education and the arts.


Our focus is to connect educators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, community representatives, media, retailers and consumers in a unique, engaging, and professional setting.


Our expertise is creating virtual & in person experiences celebrating cannabis culture, community, academia and lifestyle.  

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Boston Cannabis Week was co-founded in 2019 and conceptualized in 2016 by Lisa Finelli Fallon and Scott Bettano. The idea was to create a platform for the professional cannabis community that celebrates the culture and all the facets of the industry. The priority was to make it specific to New England while honoring Boston as the epicenter of the East Coast cannabis community. 

Boston Cannabis Week and it's creative agency, BCW Beyond are women owned, women led and focused on diversity & inclusion throughout our organization. Education & networking will always remain free to the public, as we consider it our duty to provide those platforms to the community. we make every effort to maintain affordability across out ticketed entertainment events.


The BCW Beyond Scholarship provides accessibility and support to SE & EE applicants, minority-owned business and small businesses throughout Massachusetts. The BCW leadership team actively searches for businesses throughout the year who are positively impacting their community and working hard to establish their brands and build a business. 


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