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Berkshire Plants Roots In East Boston

Growing up, East Boston meant two things to me. Dinner at Jeveli's, which is still one of my favorite restaurants to this day, and a visit with Uncle Happy. Uncle Happy grew up in an East Boston, where his profession as a bookmaker was considered an honest living and the world was at the height of Reefer Madness, making cannabis taboo in the heavily populated city.

Fast forward 35 years later and the irony could not be more apparent. Sports betting oficianados still can't legally place a wager in the Bay State, but thanks to the efforts of countless cannabis activists and local companies like Berkshire Roots, as of July 20th you can now legally purchase cannabis products right in East Boston. The Pittsfield, Massachusetts based company recently opened it's doors at 253 Meridian Street, in the heart of one of East Boston's most historic areas.

According to Berkshire Roots’ CEO James Winokur, “our goal is to bring the Berkshires to Boston by replicating the warmth of our dispensary, providing best-in-class training to our retail team and delivering our unique, Berkshire’s inspired products”.

Berkshire Roots currently maintains a cultivation operation in Pittsfield that produces its own branded products including packaged flower, edibles, topicals, tinctures, capsules, concentrates and vape cartridges. They also work with local Massachusetts wholesale partners, carefully curating a variety of products. In addition, the company has a dispensary in Pittsfield for both medical patients and adult-use consumers. Great care is taken to

focus on small-batch, high-quality cannabis products with thoughtful ingredients in a range of product types, treating multiple ailments and conditions as well as offering choices for recreational customers. Berkshire Root's ownership has earned a reputation in Massachusetts for producing great products, engaging with the community to be a good neighbor and supporting local civic groups.

Not only does East Boston serve as a historic location, it offers something extremely unique, convenience to out of town travelers visiting Boston. The newly opened location at 253 Meridian Street is a six minute drive from Logan Airport. As a frequent traveler in and out of Boston, you won't even get to your luggage that quickly.

As the state of Massachusetts has embraced the natural healing properties of the cannabis plant, now so has historic East Boston. Unfortunately, Uncle Happy wasn't around to see the day, but I'm positive he would have welcomed Berkshire Roots into his backyard with open arms.

More information is available at berkshireroots.com. For the latest updates follow Berkshire Roots on Facebook @BerkshireRootsMA and on Instagram @berkshireroots.boston.

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