• Andrew Scott

Man Arrested for Marijuana Possession, Sparks Joint in Front of Judge

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Lebanon, TN - You've heard the term "not all heroes wear capes"? Well, meet Spencer Boston. Mr. Boston appeared in a Tennessee court room on Monday afternoon to discuss his arrest for simple marijuana possession when he asked the judge's permission to approach the bench. As Mr. Boston approached the judge, he removed a marijuana cigarette from his pocket, lit it and proceeded to explain to the judge why he feels marijuana should be legal. It is reported Mr. Boston was able to get in a few good puffs before being subdued by court officers and escorted out of the court room in a cloud of smoke.

Civil disobedience has been a hallmark of cannabis activists for decades and Spencer Boston took it to an epic level Monday, bringing to light that there are states still wasting our tax dollars on arrests for simple marijuana possession while there is real crime that should have their attention. Sadly, there are still thousands of victims of the drug war behind bars for simple possession charges such as Spencer Boston.

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